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Aqara Smart Spotlight T2

Aqara Smart Spotlight T2

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🌠 Elevate Your Space with the Aqara Smart Spotlight T2: A Symphony of Light and Innovation 🌠

Introducing the Aqara Smart Spotlight T2—not just a light, but a transformative experience for your living spaces.

💡 Illuminate with Precision
The Aqara Spotlight T2 isn't just any spotlight. It's a beacon of sophistication for your home, offering professional recessed installation that seamlessly blends into your false ceilings. It's about giving your space the spotlight it deserves.

🎨 Museum-Grade Lighting at Home
Why settle for less when you can have the best? With museum-grade LED modules, the Aqara Spotlight T2 delivers unparalleled brightness and color rendering. Bring out the true beauty in your decor, artwork, and living spaces with lighting that makes every detail pop.

🔆 Deep Dimming for Every Mood
Imagine the perfect ambiance for every moment—achieved effortlessly. With deep dimming technology, this spotlight can dim to a barely-there 1% brightness, creating an ambiance that’s just right, from a soft glow to full brilliance.

🌈 Color Temperatures for Every Time of Day
With adjustable color temperatures ranging from a warm 2700K to a cool 6000K, the Aqara Spotlight T2 adapts to your needs. Whether it's the warm glow for a relaxing evening or the bright light for focus and productivity, you control the vibe.

🍏 Seamless Integration with Apple HomeKit
Designed for the Apple ecosystem, this spotlight works flawlessly with your iPhone and Apple Watch. Control your lights with ease, set scenes, or use voice commands for hands-free brilliance. It’s smart lighting that complements your smart lifestyle.

🌞 Adaptive Lighting for Natural Living
Experience lighting that adapts to the time of day. With Apple’s Adaptive Lighting, the Aqara Spotlight T2 automatically adjusts its color temperature, ensuring your lighting is always in perfect harmony with your circadian rhythm.

📐 Choose Your Beam Angle
Customization is key. With multiple beam angles (15°, 24°, 36°, and 60°), and a simple tilt mechanism, spotlight what matters most. Whether it's accentuating art or lighting up your workspace, there's a beam angle for every scenario.

🏡 A Heartbeat in Your Smart Home
Integrate seamlessly with your smart home ecosystem. Automate with sensors, create scenes, or control with your voice. The Aqara Spotlight T2 is more than lighting; it's an experience that brings your home to life.

🗣 Voice Control Your Way
While it's all in for Apple Home, it’s a commitment to providing you with a tailored smart home experience. Voice control via Apple Home means your lighting obeys your command, setting the scene with just a word.

Discover the Aqara Smart Spotlight T2: a leap into a world where lighting isn't just functional; it's transformative. With professional elegance, adaptive brilliance, and seamless integration, it's time to spotlight your space like never before. Ready to shine? The Aqara Smart Spotlight T2 awaits.


Spotlight T2 (15°): LTSZNSD01LM
Spotlight T2 (24°): LTSZNSD02LM
Spotlight T2 (36°): LTSZNSD03LM
Downlight T2 (60°): LTSZNSD04LM
Input: 220 ~ 240 V~, 50 / 60 Hz 0.06 A
Power: 10 W (1 x 18W / LED Module)
Color Rendering Index: Ra > 90
Hole Size: 75mm diameter (+/- 2m)
Color Temperature: 2700 K – 6000 K
Wireless Protocol: Zigbee
Power Factor: 0.9

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