Retail Policies

Commitment to Provide Quality Goods and Services
    • We sell smart lifestyle products and services both at our shopfront and online business. We aim to enrich people's day to day living style with smart technology and our wide range of products and solutions.
    • Our products and services are of satisfactory quality in accordance with S14 (2) of the Sales of Goods Act, Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act and Lemon Law.
    Warranties and Service Guarantees
    • Our Service Guarantees
      • Our company clearly declares the terms and conditions of any warranties or service, and guarantees to protect customers against product defects and non performance and that their products are of the utmost quality at point of purchase. Our company takes immediate corrective action to control any nonconformity that may arise on the performance and quality of our products.
    • Warranties are provided by the respective distributors for the following products:
      • a. 6-12 months for products that are sold by Smart Living Gallery Pte Ltd (selected products)
      • b. 24 months for products that are sold by Smart Living Gallery Pte Ltd (selected Yeelight or Aqara products)
      • c. 36 months for selected products that are sold by Smart Living Gallery Pte Ltd (selected Yeelight Pro products)
      • d. 1-6 months for Demo/Display set (timeframe varies dependant on different products)

    Deposit Policy

    • Our company requires a minimum of 50% deposit to reserve the products, and this amount will be forfeited if goods are not collected within 6 months of reservation. If order is cancelled by the company, deposit will be refunded to the customer within 6 weeks.

    Redemption of Sales Vouchers

    • Our company issue vouchers and clearly states the terms and conditions applicable to the redemption of vouchers.

    Discounted Prices

    • Our sales staff are informed and authorised to provide pricing of discounted fee. Discounted price and its validity will be clearly displayed and stated on  the communication materials. Our company will not give false reasons for selling goods or services at a discount.

    Payment Methods and Channels

    • Our Business accepts payments in the form of Cheque, Cash, SLG voucher, Paynow, ShopeePay & GrabPay and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard). There is an additional 2% for payment made via credit cards. We do not accept payment in foreign currencies. Only Singapore currency will be accepted.

    Accuracy of Charging

    • Our company is committed to the avoidance of over or undercharging and to ensure correct change is given. Charges are clear and legible, reflecting the total amount payable and its breakdown; inclusive of GST. All products displayed in the store have price tags attached and prices are clearly updated in the pricing catalogue. GST is clearly stated in the receipt.

    Exchange and Refund Policy

    • Our Exchange and Refund Policy clearly stipulate the terms and conditions for exchange as follows:
    1. All goods sold in satisfactory condition are non-refundable but can be exchanged for other products, within 14 days of purchase for the followings:
    • A. Sealed Products - Products are not opened from the sealed packaging
    • B. For Unsealed or Opened Products:
      • i. 30% restocking fee applies (based on purchased value) for uninstalled/unused products
      • ii. 60% restocking fee applies (based on purchased value) for installed/used products

    2a. If the product is deemed defective (manufacturer defect) within 7 days from date of purchase or upon delivery of products, one to one exchanged is allowed at the shop.

    • i. Proof of purchase that the product was purchased within warranty period
    • ii. Original packaging must be returned together with the product, with all accessories and manual

    2b. In the event that the good is out-of-stock when needed for immediate replacement of defective product:

    • i. An alternative model of similar value will be offered. If value is more than original model purchased, top-up will be required
    • ii. Customer may choose to wait for the same model for the goods to be replenished at an unspecified date not later than 3 months. Should the product be unavailable after 3 months, a refund will be given within 6 weeks

    3. For products that are deemed defective (manufacturer defect) after 7 days and within warranty period from date of purchase, they will be handled by the Service Centre of the respective distributor for repair or servicing subject to the following conditions:

    • A. Proof of purchase that the product was purchased within warranty period.
    • B. Original packaging to be returned together with the product and all accessories (if applicable)

    4. Strictly no alterations or modifications are allowed to be made to the product.

    5. In alignment with the lemon law, the conditions under which consumers are not entitled to a remedy are:

    • a. The consumer damaged the item
    • b. The consumer had misused it and caused the fault
    • c. The consumer had tried to repair it himself or had someone else repair it, and damaged the item
    • d. The consumer had seen the defect with the naked eye when he accepted the goods
    • e. The consumer had been told about the fault before he bought the goods
    • f. The defect is due to wear and tear

    Delivery and Shipping Charges

    • Our company provides customers with delivery services should they require them. The delivery charge is at SGD$20. Delivery is free for purchases made above SGD$300 in a single receipt/invoice. Our business does not provide shipping services outside Singapore.

    Charges for Extra Services

    • Our Business clearly states any additional charges for extra serivces such as set up guide services. Charges for these services will be clearly explained and provided to customers before they are billed.


    • Confidentiality of Customers' Data: Our company is committed to maintaining strict confidentiality of our customers' data. Customer particulars are used solely for the purpose of completing sales transaction. We will obtain customer's consent before using it for other purposes.