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2022 Edition

Aqara A100 Smart Door Lock

Aqara A100 Smart Door Lock

Ergonomic, easy to use, Home Key supported smart lock system

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How do you feel like royalty in your own home, while impressing all your guests?

The Aqara A100 - the first smart door lock that works with your Apple products.
Start by unlocking the door with your iPhone, Apple Watch, or get Siri to do it.

The A100 speaks to Aqara devices and other smart accessories to turn on or perform actions based on or automated scenarios set by you.

Lights come on, fans on, windows open, air purifier on, music on, alarm off. All with your door. How amazing is it to feel like a star?

If you love a grand entrance, this is it.


Model: ZNMS02ES

Dimensions: 375 x 77 x 23.6mm

Door thickness: 40-80mm

Weight: 3.6kg

Connectivity: 2.4 GHz Wireless, ZigBee 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC

Power: 8 x AA (4 x main, 4 x backup)

Backup power: 5V 1A, USB-C charging port

Support system: Android 6.0 or iOS 12.0 and above

Materials: anodized aluminium, C-grade cylinder

1 x door bolt
3 x main lock bolts
1 x master lock bolt

Long-time opening
Abnormal attempt
Door unlock alert
Tamper alert

Lock modes:
Night latch knob
Away mode
Full lock lift
Electromagnetic protection
Status logs

Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer Singapore Warranty

Box content

Aqara A100
1 x outer panel
1 x inner panel
1 x automatic lock body
1 x mechanical lock cylinder
2 x emergency keys
1 x strike plate
1 x lithium battery
1 x inner finger protection cover
1 x outer finger protection cover
USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable
Installation diagram
User manual

Product Overview

Smart and secure door lock that integrates into your home security system.

9 ways to unlock including fingerprint, passwords, remote unlocking, NFC and more for convenient access.

Works natively with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and other platforms to connect to smart devices.

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  • Free Delivery

    For orders above $500

  • Frontline security

    Triggers automations to the rest of the home security system.

  • Tenants or workers access

    Configure passwords for temporary access to rental property.

  • Track logs and monitor status

    Real-time status and lock/unlock notifications.


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  • Door status tracking

    Tracks door status and triggers when ajar for a long time, or when it senses tampering and abnormal actions.

  • Extra long battery life

    Battery saving technology for 8 x AA lasts up to 18 months. Functions and charges with backup power supply.

  • Syncs with other smart devices

    Programme automations that set scenes based on who enters the house.

  • Lightning quick fingerprint reader

    Super fast biometric identification speed and 98.6% identification rate opens the door almost instantly.

  • Continuous connections

    Connects with devices on ZigBee 3.0 protocol for automations and status monitoring.

  • Remote configuration

    Configure passwords remotely to work in a specific time and auto expires at the end.


What is the difference between Aqara A100, D100 and N100?

Does your price include installation?

Our installation charge for this door lock is $200.

Is a hub needed for the A100 to work?

Most standalone functions of the A100 can work without a hub, using Aqara Home App and Bluetooth: 

  • Normal lock/unlock
  • User administration 
  • Apple HomeKit and Home Keys
  • One-time passwords

A hub is needed for: 

  • Remote lock/unlock
  • Notifications and logs
  • Setting passcodes remotely
  • Google Home and Google Assistant integration
  • Automations with other devices

We have hubs that work with A100 and can help you choose the right one. 

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Can the A100 be installed on grill gates?

A100 cannot be installed on grill gates. It can be installed on doors with thickness of 40-80mm.

How much space is needed between the door and gate?

We recommend at least 9cm of space between door and gate.

Can the handle be changed to face a door that opens on the left?

Yes. The A100 handle faces right by default. It can be changed to open from the left.

What materials are the A100 made of?

The A100 has an anodized aluminium cover, secure C-grade cylinders and multiple bolts: 1x door bolt, 3x main lock bolts, and 1x master lock bolt

Do you sell NFC cards that can be used with the A100?

Yes we do and they are $19.90 each.