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Aqara D1 Smart Wall Switch 1.2

Aqara D1 Smart Wall Switch 1.2

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Looking to build your new smart home but don't want to throw out your ordinary (still functioning) bulbs?

Now you can turn any ordinary light into a smart light without replacing them.

Simply replace your traditional Wall Switch with an Aqara Wall Switch. With this, you can start controlling all your lights from your phone and even set scenes to automate them.

*only works with an Aqara Hub

💡Which Switch Do You Need?💡
The Aqara D1 Smart Switches are available in the following variables:
- Number of gangs (rockers)
- Neutral or Non-neutral
- Wired Wall Switch or Wireless Remote Switch

✅ Number Of Gangs
Each switch is the square piece that contains the buttons or rockers. A 1-gang switch, (also called single rocker) has one button on the entire switch. A 3-gang switch (also called triple rocker) has 3 buttons on one switch.

Generally the number of gangs on the smart switch should directly correspond with the number of gangs on the switch you're replacing.

✅ Neutral vs Non-Neutral
Most Singapore households will need to use non-neutral switches. By default, all light switches in residential developments in Singapore do not have a netural wire.

Only choose a Neutral switch in the following situation:
- You know for sure that your light switches already have netural wires.
- You are going to pull neutral wires to your switch points

Otherwise, please choose the Non-neutral switches. At at situation, it is possible to use Non-neutral switches even in switch boxes that contain a neutral wire.

✅ Wired or Wireless
Wired wall switches have an electrical connection to your lights to turn them on and off. We also have the Aqara D1 Wireless Remote Switch - which is battery-operated but looks physically identical to the D1 Wired Smart Wall Switch (except for the back which is hidden in the wall cavity). This remote switch can be used to wirelessly control your smart home devices but does not actually electrically control an existing light.

Generally, wired wall switches replace your existing wall switches. Wireless remote switches are usually add-ons to give you more controls, such as remote two-way controls.



Warranty: 1 year

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