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2022 Edition

Aqara Smart Natural Gas Detector 3.0

Aqara Smart Natural Gas Detector 3.0

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Gas leaks are silent, invisible, but deadly. That's why AQARA Smart Gas Detector is built with an intelligent processor and high-end sensor to detect them.

It binds with other Gas Detectors to sound an alarm together and get everyone to safety, no matter which area of the house they're at. Never compromise the safety of your loved ones.


Model: JT-BZ-03AQ/A
Target Gas

Methane (CH4)
12.0V 0.5A 6.0W

Wireless Protocols

⌀80.4 × 31 mm

Operating Temperature
-10°C ~ 55°C

Operating Humidity
0 ~ 93% RH, no condensation

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