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Aqara NFC Card for N100

Aqara NFC Card for N100

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For backup or additonal access to your AQARA N100, A100 and D100 smart doors.

This NFC card is built with an EAL5+ security chip. The high encryption means the card's encryption codes cannot be replicated or broken. Now that's security!

* This Card only Support Aqara Smart Door Lock N100 N200 P100 Series.

Main features:

✅ Anti-copy
✅ Built-in EAL5+ chip,financial-grade security protection
✅ App control, not afraid of loss, delete key card from phone
✅ The card can be re-bound after mistaken deletion


Model: ZNMSC11LM
⭐️ Model: Aqara Smart Door Lock NFC Card
⭐️ Material: Epoxy
⭐️ Product weight: 4g
⭐️ Type: CPU card
⭐️ Security Level: EAL5+

Warranty: 2 years

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