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Aqara D200i Smart Door Lock (Face Unlock)

Aqara D200i Smart Door Lock (Face Unlock)

The Aqara Smart Doorlock D200i Is A Cutting-Edge Smart Lock That Offers Convenience, Security, And Advanced Features.

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Unveil Unmatched Security with Aqara D200i Smart Door Lock!
Upgrade Your Security:
Step into the future of safety with the Aqara D200i, a remarkably secure smart door lock endowed with an ergonomic design and a plethora of advanced features.

✅ Effortless Access:
• Unlock with ease using face recognition, PIN codes, NFC tags, or mechanical keys.
• Experience the cutting-edge support for Apple Home Key; a simple tap on your phone or watch seamlessly unlocks your door.

✅ Customized Entry Options:
• Set up temporary one-time-use or periodic time PIN codes for diverse accessibility.
• Manage multiple user profiles, each tailored with individual faces, pin codes, and NFC devices.
• Hassle-free user management with the ability to add or remove individual PINs, fingerprints, and NFC cards easily through the Aqara Home app.

✅ No Power? No Problem:
• Ensure uninterrupted access with or without battery power. Use the mechanical key or charge it temporarily with a USB-C port and a power bank for external unlocking.

✅ Experience Enhanced Speed & Safety:
• Discover a faster and safer unlocking experience with Aqara's self-developed 3D structured light face recognition.

✅ Financial Payment Level Security:
• Enjoy peace of mind with the BCTC certified Aqara D200i, integrating a 3D structured light camera module and 3D face recognition algorithm for uncompromised security.

✅ Inclusive Family Access:
• Break through fingerprint limitations with a super-large recognition area, ensuring convenient face recognition for the whole family, including children and the elderly.

✅ Seamless Smart Home Integration:
• Enhance your smart home experience with robust connectivity. Open your door to automatic light adjustments and appropriate air conditioner settings.

✅ Choose Your Unlocking Method:
• Enjoy the freedom of choice with nine different unlocking methods, including Apple Home Key technology for a swift, single-touch door unlocking.

✅ Long-Lasting Battery Life:
• Benefit from an extensive battery life of over 4 months with a single 5000mAh battery, accompanied by an additional battery for effortless replacement.

Transform your safety and convenience with the Aqara D200i Smart Door Lock, where innovation meets uncompromised security and ease of use.

Secure your peace of mind and make the switch today. Your advanced and safe smart home experience is just a tap away!


Model: ML-D01D
Wireless Protocols:
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
Bluetooth 5.1 Zigbee, NFC

406 X 77 X 20 mm (Outer Panel)
406 X 77 X 26 mm (Inner Panel)

Operating Temperature:
-10 degree to 55 degree

0-93% RH, no condensation

Protection Rating:
IP52 (Face Module IP64)

Ports: USB-C (5V - 2A)

Input Power: Replaceable Lithium-Ion Battery (7.25-1.5A)
Comes with 2 X Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Warranty: 2 years


It is the users’ responsibility to ensure that they DO NOT keep the Overriding Key inside the house. Users shall be responsible for the additional cost (if any) of unlocking the digital lock in case of any emergency unlocking service needed other than using the override key provided. The override Mechanical key is a back-up to unlock the Digital Lock in case of a complete Power Failure/Mechanism breakdown.

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