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Aqara Camera E1

Aqara Camera E1

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The Smart Camera E1 is a smart camera product that supports Wi Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2. It adopts the new Magicpair binding experience of Aqara and is the first fully equipped Aqara paid cloud storage.

It is the first pure Wi Fi camera of the Aqara product line, with a 2K (2304 × 1296p) ultra clear resolution, with horizontal and vertical pan tilt rotation functions, supporting video intercom, AI humanoid tracking, Micro SD card recording, NAS storage, and privacy area coverage functions.

In addition, its rich functions can be used in automation applications, achieving functions such as home care and smart linkage, supporting HomeKit security videos, and supporting Google and Alexa platform access.

✅【Intelligent AI Humananoid】Accurately recognize human figures, constantly record the situation of people at home, and can set up human shape tracking to record every move at any time.

✅【Time-lapse clip】Create a Time Album, compress the videos captured by the designated time into 15 second slowly changing delay videos, and save them in the Album - Delay Photography, and monitor the camera to play a fun and professional style.

✅【Privacy Masking Zone】When users select an area on the app, the video image (preview, playback) of the selected area will be blocked by color blocks, thus protecting sensitive areas of privacy.

✅【NAS Storage】Supporting the SMB 3.0 protocol, data transmission is more secure, and records stored on Micro SD cards can be transferred to NAS storage for centralized management, creating local private cloud services for users.

✅【Custom Ringtones】Upload an audio ringtone and send it to the camera E1, the ringtone can be used to set up the automation and set up the scene. For IOS phones, ringtones need to be uploaded to iCloud, for androi phone, the uers can upload the ringtone from Aqara Home App.

✅【Power Frequency Switching】 Due to the inconsistency between the power supply standard (50Hz/60Hz) of the display appliance and the working frequency of the camera, there is a phenomenon of flickering in the monitoring screen.
50Hz: Chinese Mainland, Japan, Singapore, India, Thailand, most of Europe;
60Hz: the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, China and other regions.


Product Name: Aqara Camera E1
Model: CH-C01E
Product Size: 69mmx69mmx104mm
Product weight: 160g
Wireless Protocol: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ax, Bluetooth 5.2
Power supply: DC5V2A,USB Type C
Working temperature: -10 ℃~45 ℃
Working humidity: 0-85% RH, noncondensing
Storage temperature: -20 ℃~55 ° C
Recommended installation method: Desktop placement, wall mounted (requires the use of base accessories)

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