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2022 Edition

Yeelight M2 Pro 8W LED Downlight

Yeelight M2 Pro 8W LED Downlight

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Hidden and flushed seamlessly into the ceiling, the M2 is the ultimate ceiling lights for a refined space.

Each light is built with electroplated reflective cups just around the bulbs, to ergonomically protect your eyes from stray reflections. This brings a soft, glare-free glow to the entire room.

Group with other Yeelight smart bulbs and control them simultaneously. Customise to the time of the day or a specific occasion, in up to 16 million colours. Adjust and control using your preferred smart home app or your voice.

113 x 81.5mm


Model: YLTS03YL
Material: ABS
Power: 8W(downlight/spotlight)
Luminous flux: downlight–500lm
Colour temperature range: 2700K – 6500K
Opening size: 90 – 110mm
Luminous angle: 65º
Size:113 x81.5mm

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