Extensive Product Portfolio


Smart Lighting

One-ten-thousand dimming precision and no main lamp design

Smart Control

Multiple control modes anywhere, anytime

Smart Sensor

Multiple Light Scenes, linked with high precision sensors

Smart Home

Live your life the smart way with whole house smart control

  • Smart Scene Panel

    Yeelight Pro system take full control of your smart life

  • Smart Switch Control

    All light scenes at your fingertips

  • Sensor and Device Integration

    Unlock more light scenes with built-in sensors

  • App Control

    APP allow remote control anytime, anywhere

Go Beyond Perfection


  • Latency Free

    Fast response with no latency

  • Control without Internet

    LAN control available, smart control without the Internet

  • Stable

    Carrier-level stability

  • Multi-level

    Multi-level network control

  • Customized

    Ultra customization caters to all scenarios

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Personal Tailor

Prime Design for a Better Life

Professional Lighting Layout

Top designers make sure to strike the right balance between the layout, basic lighting, accent lighting and ambient lighting, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable, inviting lighting environment.

Smart Light Effect Simulation

Light environment assessment and illumination analysis provide you with a multi-level, all-around experience of the most realistic smart light effect.

Customized Smart Lighting Scenes

Personalize the smart light according to your needs, whether it’s reading, entertaining guests, watching a movie, throwing a party, or having a romantic dinner.

Smart Control Solution

Taking into account the lighting control preferences of each family member, we provide more smart control solutions without disrupting users’ habits.