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2022 Edition

Yeelight LED Smart Lightstrip Plus 1S Extension

Yeelight LED Smart Lightstrip Plus 1S Extension

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Need to install your lightstrip on a wall, but it's too far from your socket?

Attach this extension to any surface (wall, floor or ceiling) with multi-material adhesive tape on the back.

Soft, bendable and flexible, it runs perfectly along stairs, jazzing up long, angled or curved surfaces, or lighting up furnitures.

Its built-in WiFi makes it a breeze to adjust colour or brightness on the app or with your voice too.

Colorful light:
️️️️️️️️️-16 million colors,
-adjustable color temperature
-dimmable light from 1 - 100%

Easy to use, install the light strip, download the Yeelight, connect the bulb to your network, then enjoy Smart Lighting Made Easier

Multi Applications: set time schedules and countdowns, sync to music for enhanced experience

Group Control: Set groups to control multi strips or other YEELIGHT products all together


Model: YLOT01YL

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