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2022 Edition

Yeelight LED Sensor Drawer Light

Yeelight LED Sensor Drawer Light

Infrared Induction Drawer Light A6

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A sensor light that’s perfect for cabinets, drawers, sideboards and bookshelves.

Intelligent IR sensor lights up when it senses motion, and turns off automatically.

Large capacity battery that’s easily rechargeable and boosts longer standby time.

Brightens up any tight spaces and dark corners where needed.

✅ No installation required
✅ Auto light-on
✅ Compact

⚠️ Keep away from high temperature areas exceeding 35°C.
⚠️ Metallic base adhesive cannot be reused once stuck on.


Model: YLCTD001

Size: 68 x 26 x 11mm

Weight: 25g

Colour: White, Silver-Grey

Colour Temperature: 2700K

Luminous Flux: about 6Im

Rated Input: 5V DC / 0.5A

Rated Power: 0.15W

Standby Current: 0.12mA

Normally Open: ≥6 hours

Working Time: AUTO: 2-4 months (calculated by using the sensor to turn on the light 3 times a day)

Sensing Method: distance sensing

Nominal Capacity: 300 mAh

Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

Charging and Discharging Temperature: 0-45℃
Charging: Type C

Warranty: 1 Year Local Manufacturer (Singapore & Malaysia)

*The limited manufacturer warranty is for product faults on parts, etc., not for accidents or misuse by users.

**Please keep all BOXES for the warranty to be valid.

Box content

Light x1
Metal plate x1
3M adhesive x1
USB-C cable x1
User manual x1

Product Overview

No drilling, no wires, no troublesome setup needed.

An easy-to-install and cost-efficient sensor light for any uses.

Large capacity battery, USB chargeable providing long lasting usage per charge.


Yeelight LED Sensor Drawer Light

Yeelight LED Sensor Drawer Light

Yeelight LED Sensor Drawer Light

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  • Intelligent Sensor

    Infrared sensor that transmits and receives signals, knowing when to turn lights on and off.

  • Flexible Use

    Install under, over or in cabinets, drawers or bookshelves, anywhere dark that you need to see.

  • Mode Switching

    User friendly auto or delay mode functions, depending on your needs.

  • Super Long-Lasting

    Enjoy using it for up to 4 months after each charge, thanks to its large capacity in-built battery.

  • 2-Step Setup

    Easy to install, no electrical cablings, drillings or complication installation needed to use.

  • Modern and Slim

    Slim ABS body that hides seamlessly inside small spaces.


Does this light need to be connected to an electricity socket to work?

No, this light does not need to electricity to work. It has an in-built battery but requires USB-C power cable to charge. 

Can I install this light above the cooking hobs?

This light bar cannot be used in a temperature area exceeding 35°C so it cannot be installed above cooking hobs, near ovens, in saunas, etc.

How do I charge the light?

Remove it from the metallic base, connect to a USB-C power cable and charge it at any convenient power source.

How long does it take to charge?

Approximately 1 hour.

How long does a charge last?

Between 2-4 months depends on usage.

Is the brightness adjustable?

The brightness is not adjustable or dimmable.

Customer Reviews

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Small and mighty

Small and mighty. Light brightness is not been compromised when looking at the size of it. Easy to set up with magnetic mounting. Overall satisfied.