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2022 Edition

Aqara Tvoc Air Quality Monitor 3.0

Aqara Tvoc Air Quality Monitor 3.0

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Your loved ones deserve to live in the safest environment, with the highest quality air.

Protect their health with a sensor that monitors air quality by detecting TVOC concentration, temperature and humidity.

Connect your sensor to an air purifier powered by a hub, together with other cleaning devices at home, to maintain pure air in your living sanctury.

✅【Zigbee 3.0 Protocol】Enjoy the fastest, most stable, and energy-efficient smart home technology.
✅【Triple Sensor】Detects the concentration and level of TVOC in the air, as well as temperature and humidity.
✅ 【E Ink Screen】Equipped with a dot-matrix E Ink screen which is similar to paper and protects your eyes.
✅ 【1 Year Battery Life】Consume very little energy, last for more than 1 year without changing batteries.
✅ 【Magnetic Mount】Multiple placement methods and easy magnetic detachment.
✅ 【Smart Automation】With the ZigBee 3.0 protocol, it can work with other devices via your Aqara hub for cloud and local automation.


Model: AAQS-S01
Color: White

Product Dimensions: 41.6 × 76.0 × 14 mm (1.64*2.99*0.55 in)

Battery: CR2450 × 2

Wireless Protocols: Zigbee3.0 IEEE 802.15.4

Operating Temperature: 0°C~+50°C (32°F~122°F)

Operating Humidity: 0~95% RH, no condensation

TVOC Detection Range: 0~25 mg/m³

TVOC Resolution: 1ppb or 0.01mg/m³

Temperature Detection Range: -20~60℃ (-4~140°F)

Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃

Humidity Detection Range: 0~100%RH

Humidity Resolution:1%

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