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Aqara Smart Rotary Knob (Wireless)

Aqara Smart Rotary Knob (Wireless)

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Elevate Your Smart Home Experience with Aqara Smart Rotary Knob (Wireless)

Revolutionize Your Lighting: Dive into the world of effortless lighting control with the Aqara Smart Rotary Knob (Wireless). This sleek, wireless device isn't just a switch - it's a gateway to the perfect ambiance. Effortlessly adjust the brightness and color temperature of your smart lights with a simple turn of the dial. Whether you're setting the mood for a romantic dinner or brightening up your workspace, the Aqara Knob has you covered.

Just a Twist Away: Inspired by the elegant design of the Aqara Smart Rotary Knob (Wireless), this rotary knob is more than just a stylish accessory. It’s a powerful controller for all your Aqara smart lighting. Illuminate your home exactly how you want, with every twist.

Versatile Controls at Your Fingertips: Why stop at lights? The Aqara Smart Rotary Knob (Wireless) is a multitasker. A quick press can toggle lights on or off, while a double press or long hold unlocks even more possibilities. Set the scene for a cozy night in or an energetic morning - all with the press of a button.

In Sync with Your Smart Home: Need a central control for multiple smart devices? The Aqara Smart Rotary Knob (Wireless) is your solution. Every action - be it a turn, press, or hold - can be customized to control a device or an entire group. Imagine dimming the lights, drawing the curtains, and setting the perfect scene with just one elegant device.

Sophistication Meets Simplicity: We believe in beauty in simplicity. The Aqara Smart Rotary Knob (Wireless) sports a clean, minimalist design that complements any interior. The dial rotates smoothly, with a satisfying click when pressed. And the subtle LED ring adds a touch of sophistication to its functionality.

Freedom of Placement: Say goodbye to wiring hassles. Powered by long-lasting batteries, place this wireless wonder anywhere. Stick it on the wall, screw it onto a surface, or let it stand elegantly on a table. Its standard size makes it a seamless addition to any room.

Smart Home Harmony: The Aqara Smart Rotary Knob (Wireless) is more than a switch; it's a part of your smart ecosystem. Compatible with Apple Home, it brings together different smart devices under one roof for unified control. Note: The rotary action is unique to Aqara Home, offering exclusive control over Aqara devices.

✅Multi-action control: rotate, click, double click, long press, etc.
✅ Multi-scene applications: light control, curtain and other scenes
✅Adjustable sensitivity: high, medium and low
✅ Smart linkage: customise your smart life
✅ 3-year battery life: low power consumption design
Multi-installation: flat, sticky, inline, etc.


Product Name: Aqara Smart Rotary Knob
Model Number: ZNXNKG02LM
Product Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 24 mm
Wireless Protocol: Zigbee 3.0
Battery Specifications: CR2032

2 years warranty

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