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Aqara Smart Downlight T2

Aqara Smart Downlight T2

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🌟 Introducing the Revolutionary Aqara Smart Downlights T2 - Illuminate Your Space with Smart Elegance 🌟

🌈 Craft Your Ambiance to Perfection
Imagine having the power to adjust your home's vibe with a simple tap. The Aqara Smart Downlights T2 brings this dream to life with sophisticated LED technology that lets you dim to your heart's content, from a vibrant bright to a gentle glow, all while adjusting the color temperature from a cozy warm white to a crisp cool daylight. It’s like having a personal mood ring for your room!

🎨 A Spectrum of Colors for Every Mood
Why settle for ordinary when you can choose exactly how you feel? Warm up your mornings with a yellowish hue, or get into concentration mode with bluish tones reminiscent of the sun at noon. With the Aqara Downlights T2, you're the artist, and your home is the canvas.

🌟 Deep Dimming Technology
Ever wanted that perfect cinematic ambiance or a soft glow for a romantic dinner? With deep dimming technology, these downlights can dim to an almost imperceptible 1% brightness, offering a full spectrum of lighting options for any scenario.

📲 Control at Your Fingertips
Forget about fumbling for switches. Control your lighting with a simple tap on your phone, a twist of a knob, or even automatically based on the time of day. The Aqara Downlights T2 integrates seamlessly into your smart home ecosystem, offering endless customization through Aqara Home and Apple HomeKit.

🌞 Adaptive Lighting for Natural Transitions
Thanks to Apple’s Adaptive Lighting, experience the natural transition of light throughout the day. Your downlights automatically adjust from cooler tones for focus to warmer hues for relaxation, mimicking the natural progression of sunlight.

🔄 An Integrated Smart Home Experience
Integrate with sensors for a home that responds to you. Walking into a room? Your lights greet you. Watching a movie? They dim to set the scene. It’s not just lighting; it’s an intelligent lifestyle upgrade.

🛠 Designed for Every Space
With four beam angles and the ability to tilt, spotlight your favorite art or illuminate your workspace with precision. It’s not just about lighting up a room; it’s about enhancing the beauty within it.

💡 Simple, Yet Sophisticated
Ease of use is key. The Aqara Smart Knob Switch H1’s clickable rotary dial offers intuitive control over brightness and temperature, making it effortless to set the perfect ambiance.

Transform your home into a dynamic landscape of light and color. The Aqara Smart Downlights T2 isn't just a lighting solution; it's an experience that adapts to you, enhancing every moment at home. Ready to make your home a work of art? Illuminate your world with Aqara Smart Downlights T2 today and see your space in a whole new light.


Spotlight T2 (15°): LTSZNSD01LM
Spotlight T2 (24°): LTSZNSD02LM
Spotlight T2 (36°): LTSZNSD03LM
Downlight T2 (60°): LTSZNSD04LM
Input: 220 ~ 240 V~, 50 / 60 Hz 0.06 A
Power: 10 W (1 x 18W / LED Module)
Color Rendering Index: Ra > 90
Hole Size: 75mm diameter (+/- 2m)
Color Temperature: 2700 K – 6000 K
Wireless Protocol: Zigbee
Power Factor: 0.9

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