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Aqara Dual Relay Module T2

Aqara Dual Relay Module T2

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🚀 Unleash Your Home's Potential with the Aqara Dual Relay Module T2: A Revolution in Smart Home Automation 🚀

🌐 Seamless Connectivity with Zigbee
Leveraging the robust Zigbee technology, the Aqara Dual Relay Module T2 offers unparalleled reliability and efficiency in managing your home's electrical devices. Whether it's lighting up your life or opening garage doors, this module does it all with a whisper.

💡 Master of Devices
Imagine a world where every device in your home bends to your will. From lights to garage doors, and even that coffee machine that's a bit too far from your bed in the morning—this module makes them all smart. The T2 turns your everyday equipment into obedient minions, ready at your command.

🍏 Apple Home Integration
For the Apple Home enthusiasts, this integration is like a dream. Control your devices effortlessly through the Apple Home app, creating a home that not only listens but also responds. It's like having a conversation with your home, and yes, it understands you perfectly.

⏲️ Timing is Everything
With app-based remote control and timing features, say goodbye to the days of worrying whether you left the lights on. Schedule your coffee machine, manage your lights, and even your electric heaters to turn on just when you need them. It's not just smart; it's thoughtful.

💧 Adaptable to Your Needs
Dry or wet contact modes? The T2 doesn't play favorites. It adapts to your installation needs, whether you're integrating it into ceiling lights for that sleek smart home vibe or into your wall switches and sockets for ultimate control. Your home, your rules.

🔄 Interlock Mode for Safety and Efficiency
Safely connect to bidirectional motors for those tubular motors and roller shades. The T2 isn't just smart; it's safe, ensuring that your automated blinds and garage doors work seamlessly and securely.

🔒 Never Forget
Power on/off state memory function means your settings are remembered, even after a power cut. It’s like your devices have a mind of their own, ensuring you return to comfort and convenience, always.

📊 Power Metering and Statistics
Knowledge is power, and the T2 gives you plenty of it. Monitor power consumption, analyze statistics, and make informed decisions to save energy and money. It’s not just about control; it’s about smart efficiency.

🌟 Part of the Aqara Ecosystem
Joining the Aqara family means stepping into a world of possibilities. With smart sensors, door locks, curtains, and more, the Dual Relay Module T2 is your key to a fully integrated smart home experience. It’s not just an addition; it’s a gateway to a new lifestyle.

Dive into the future with the Aqara Dual Relay Module T2. It’s more than just a module; it's the heartbeat of your smart home, breathing new life into every device it touches. Ready to experience the magic? The Aqara Dual Relay Module T2 is your next step to a home that’s not just smart, but alive with possibility.


Wireless Protocol: Zigbee 3.0

Electrical Rating: 100-250VAC, Max.10A,50/60Hz,Max 2500W(Resistive Load), μ Operating Temperature: 0 – 35°C

Zigbee Operation Frequency: 2405-2480 MHz

Zigbee Maximum Output Power ≤ 13 dBm

Warranty: 2 years

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