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2022 Edition

Yeelight Mesh Gateway Hub for M2 Downlight

Yeelight Mesh Gateway Hub for M2 Downlight

Bluetooth Mesh

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A small yet mighty mesh gateway for your M2 downlights.

With 2X2 MIMO wireless technology, this hub sets up in minutes and pairs up lightning fast to bring your lights together to the palm of your hands.

Simple, smart and super responsive, this hub brings out the best in downlights so you have uninterrupted control of your lights.

✅ For M2 downlights
✅ Dual WiFi mode
✅ Strong and stable signal
✅ Bluetooth, Voice and App Control

YEELIGHT gateway MESH version

● A strong partner for Bluetooth Mesh lights
● Work with Apple Homekit and Mi Home
● Network port and Wi-Fi dual mode

This is how the Mesh Gateway Hub works:
Each Mesh Gateway Hub has Wi-Fi / Bluetooth range of up to 10m, without any wall as obstruction.
The connection works in this manner: The Spotlight is connected (best to pair on phone Yeelight APP by standing below the Spotlight) to the Gateway via Bluetooth BLE. The Gateway is connected to the 2.4g internet bandwidth via Wi-Fi / lan cable.

Subsequently, the Mesh Gateway Hub which is connected via Wi-Fi / lan cable can be connected with
AI Voice Control Ready Devices such as Google Assistant, Amazon Echo (Alexa).

When sync to Apple HomeKit, the lights can be switched on within 0.3 seconds. Much faster than any other APPs!


Model: YLWG01YL

​​Dimensions: 70x70x16mm

Output: 5V-1A

Operating humidity: 5-95% RH, no condensation

Input voltage: 100-240V AC, 50Hz / 60Hz

Operating temperature: 0°C- +40C

Output Power: 5W

Input Voltage: 220V~50Hz

Connectivity: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4G, Bluetooth BLE, Voice App

Support system: iOS 8.0 and later, Android 4.4 and later

Warranty: 2 Year Local Manufacturer (Singapore & Malaysia)

*The limited manufacturer warranty is for product faults on parts, etc., not for accidents or misuse by users.

**Please keep all BOXES for the warranty to be valid.

Box content

Mesh gateway hub x1
Charging cable x1

1x power hole (round) 1x LAN/WAN Network port
1x Indicator

Product Overview

Covers up to 10m range.

Easy to install, lightning fast pairing with strong and stable signal.

Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Mi Home, and more.

Yeelight Mesh Gateway Hub for M2 Downlight

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  • Smart Controls

    Multiple smart options, grouped lights, timer, scenery setting, on/off control at your fingertips.

  • Follow Your Command

    Control with AI Voice Control Ready Devices such as Google Assistant, Amazon Echo (Alexa).

  • Energy-Saving

    Consumes only 5W, compared to the usual ceiling light’s 60W.

  • Dedicated WiFi Chip

    Wireless technology for strong signal, lightning fast integration and stable performance.

  • Electroplated Reflected Cups

    Clear reflection and glare-free downlights that don’t hurt your eyes no matter the brightness.

  • Pairs Immediately

    Up to 10m range to the gateway, the rest of the lights pairs immediately after the first.


Can this hub sync to other Yeelight bulbs?

Yes, you can sync them up over the Yeelight app or supported smart home platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Mi Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings and more.

Can this hub sync to non-Yeelight smart products?

Yes, as long as the other products are connectible with Bluetooth Mesh and supported smart home apps. Note if products exceed the 10m range, another hub may be needed. Please speak to us for more clarity.

Do I need to install a separate dimmer?

No. All controls are made on the Yeelight app, your preferred smart home app and voice assistants.

Will the lights turn on when the internet goes down?

Yes, the lights will still operate without an internet connection, but they cannot be managed on the app until the internet goes back up.

Can the lights be controlled by two or more phones?

Yes, the bulb supports a SHARE function and can be controlled by multiple phones.

Do you provide installation?

No, we don’t provide installation. Instructions for pasting and connecting your lightstrips are available in the box.