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MOWE IR + RF Remote Control

MOWE IR + RF Remote Control

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✅ Easy to use, a USB-powered portable device that can be carried anywhere.
✅ Control IR/ RF devices anytime and anywhere, turning basic household devices into smart devices, making life smarter and more convenient.
✅ Supports more than 50,000 IR/ RF control devices, including air conditioners, fans, gates, curtain and blinds, TVs, TV boxes, DVDs, audios, individual video recorders, receivers, etc.

App Functions:
IR + RF Smart Home Universal Remote Controller
iAppliance App enabled
A svelte all-in one device that replaces all your infrared (IR+RF) remote control
Connects directly to your home
WiFi, enabling you to control your IR/RF -powered appliances from virtually anywhere


Size : 75 x 20mm
Input : DC 5V/1A
LED Indicator : Blue
WiFi Type : 2.4GHz
WiFi Standard : IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Infrared Frequency : 38KHz
Radio Frequency : 433/ 315MHz
Infrared Range : ≤12 Meters
Temperature Measure Range : 0 ~ 60°C
Humidity Measure Range : 0% ~ 99%RH

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