Smart Living Gallery Featured on Prime Magazine Singapore

Smart Living Gallery Featured on Prime Magazine Singapore

Discover the future of smart living at Smart Living Gallery - Prime Magazine recently sat down with our founder, Dennis Soh, to delve into the world of smart homes. 

Smart Living Gallery Founder Dennis Soh

Here are some of the highlights:

Started during the pandemic, Smart Living Gallery is on a mission to make your life easier by helping you save precious time in your busy schedule so you get to spend extra quality moments with your loved ones. Imagine every second you spend drawing curtains, turning off the stove, switching on/off your lights, air-conditioner, and TV, and charging your devices. These little things can add up to at least five minutes every day, which will stack up to an impactful 30 hours a year! 

Stepping into Smart Living Gallery, you'll witness the power of automation - Smart living environment powered by Google Home, linked seamlessly with the Aqara D100 Smart Door Lock.

Aqara D100 smart door look

The Smart Door Lock not only provides premium security it also speaks to other smart devices in your home to provide automation once you get home - Your lights turn on and your air-conditioner switches on.

Convenience and immersion await—control your environment with a simple command to Google, adjusting curtains, lights, and entertainment effortlessly.

Moving into the living space, be greeted by the Marble Flex Smart Bed.

Marble Flex smart bed

It provides customised positioning adjustments for your back, neck, and leg adjustments. Say goodbye to the endless fluffing of your pillows as you get comfortable with pressure-relieving positions and convenient presets.

If you have the time, take a trip into the future at Smart Living Gallery. Explore the latest innovations like the Smart Laundry Rack, 3D Facial Recognition Door Lock, and Touch Screen Switch. Experience an immersive journey that will open your eyes to the endless possibilities of technology, from simplifying daily tasks to enhancing your overall quality of life. 


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