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2022 Edition

Yeelight Vision V1 LED Desk Lamp

Yeelight Vision V1 LED Desk Lamp

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Care and protect your loved ones' eye health with this smart desk lamp.

Specially designed with forward light technology to distribute light evenly, removing light strays and shadows that stresses the eyes after prolong use.

Lights up the entire task area in bright, natural light, so eyes can relax and focus.

322 x 369 x 425mm

✅ Eye protection reading lamp, high color rendering index.
✅ Soft and uniform light, no blue lighting, close to natural light.
✅ Touch Dimmer: Adjust lighting brightness for a comfortable glow.
✅ It can be controlled by Yeelight apple or Apple Homekit.
✅ Lamp height can be adjustable, which can meet the needs of children of different ages.
✅ ON / OFF Timer: You can set the timer button by long press, then start eye-protection mode.
✅ A wonderful gift for your children.


Model: YLTD06YL
Rated Power: 14W
Input Voltage: 100-240V
Color Temperature: 3000K - 5000K
CRI: 95
Work with Google assistance, Google HomeKit, Siri Shortcut, Alex

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