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Aqara D1 Wireless Switch 1.2

Aqara D1 Wireless Switch 1.2

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The wireless version of the Aqara D1 switch – can be configured to wirelessly control your wired wall switches, or even trigger scenes with just one press.

A wireless remote switch on your bedside to control lights all over the house. Yes, even wired wall switches!

Want it to do more? No problem. The trusty helper goes one step further to trigger your favourite home automations, such as Smart Plugs, Curtain Motors and more.

Place the Aqara D1 Wireless Remote Switch anywhere. Use the mounting tape and stick it to the wall. You can also mechanically fix it to a wall or carpentry using screws. Or don't fix it at all - the wireless switch alos looks good placed on a table.

Once assigned to a smart device - for example, a smart wall switch - pressing the smart wireless switch will turn that switch on and off.

*only works with an Aqara Hub
* To work dependably, the Aqara D1 Wireless Remote Switch needs to be in wireless range of the hub it is connected to.



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